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Are you looking for the best Car, Truck, and SUV financing deals near you?

If you are looking for the best auto deal on certified pre-owned vehciles in your area but are not sure how to find them, this aritcle just may help you.

Today you will learn not only how to find the best auto sales even if you have bad credit  or no credit, but you will also learn about the auto financing process and car loans as well as how to check the price of a car before you commit to an auto loan of any type.

So with no further delays let’s get started showing you on how to find the best new and used car deals anywhere in the United States so that you can finally buy the car of your dreams.

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Steps On How To Find The Best Car Deals Near You

One thing is for sure that even great car buyers might get mixed up a little when it comes to finding the best auto deal for any car. It sometimes can be hard to know the exact monthly payment one should make and if there are parts of the deal that are negotiable. 

Leasing is one of the major ways of financing a car. Many people are going for this depending on their lifestyles and needs. If leasing suits you well then you need to know how you can get the best deal out of it. If you already have in mind the model of the car that you are planning to lease, take a look at the following steps and you will be successful in making this kind of a decision.

1. Choose a car that can hold its value

The moment you lease a vehicle, you will be paying for its depreciation as well as the tax, interest and other fees that accrue. You should, therefore, choose a vehicle that holds its value, and does not depreciate quickly. This will make the payment of your lease to be lower. 

In a nutshell, a vehicle with a good resale value normally has a strong residual value. The residual value simply means the money that’s left. For such a vehicle, it will mean that the residual value is still high even after your lease term is over. 

Nowadays, many car websites are publishing annual lists of good lease cars available. There are some cars that come with a three or two years residual value of about 45%. Others go to even 75 percent. You, therefore, need to choose a car that can hold its value for long.

2. Checking the Leasing Specials

If a certain model of a vehicle is not moving through the market at a good pace, the manufacturer may decide to advertise it on a special leasing offer. This is a strategy improvised to get the vehicle sold. 

This kind of advertisement normally provides low monthly payments by easily tweaking the leasing formula in one of the many ways available. One of these many ways is lowering interest rates. To make sure that you are taking an awesome deal, ensure that offers beyond 12000 miles or it is requiring a huge pay-up which is also referred to as “drive-off fees”.

3. Check the Price of the Car

You can use the pricing websites available to find out the actual value of that vehicle you are leasing and the stated price in the invoice. The invoice price is usually roughly the amount the dealer paid for the car and it usually represents the lowest price you are likely to find. 

This differs from one model to another as there are some models that accrue a lot of factors like customer cash rebates. This can even allow the dealer to quote the value of the vehicle at a lower price than what the invoice indicates.

4. Get Quotes from the Dealers

Having already come up with the target sales price, you can then proceed and contact several car dealers. This can be done either through the internet or simply requesting a direct quote from the dealership’s website. You can make use of the email platform to go further and ask if they have the specific car that you want in their stock and then ask them what is their best sales price for that particular car. 

At that point you shouldn’t mention anything about leasing, this is because all that you are after is the sales price of that vehicle. This will now help you know the type of car available in order to assess the value it holds.

5. Spotting The Best Deal

Even after going ahead and requesting the quotes for the same car from different dealers, you might feel a little confused to try and compare them and the different prices they confirm to you. 

The reason you may get these differences is that different car dealers will have different stock options. A good example can be if one is selling a car for $23,000 and the other dealer is selling the same car at $24,000 but the later has a better deal because his car comes with additional an upgraded features, for instance, leather seats.

The easiest way to spot your best deal is to look at how much the dealer is actually charging over the price in the invoice. The invoice price normally reveals the best deal greatly. A good example can be if a given car is selling for $23,000 but the amount indicated in the invoice is $22,000, meaning it is selling at $1,000 more over the invoice amount. 

Another vehicle may be selling for $24,000 but has an invoice amount of $23,500 which will mean that it is selling at $500 more than the value in its invoice.

6. Ask for Lease Payments

Once you have picked the car with the best sales price plus the other specifications such as the color, you then should get back to the sale person who gave you the quote. Inform the salesperson that you now want to lease the car. 

You should then proceed and ask him to give you the lease payments at the quoted sales price. A very important thing to do is making sure that you set terms. You can say that you want a 36-month lease which will come with 12,000 miles and a 1,000 in drive off fees. 

You can also go further and ask him the rate at which the lease is based on. This way you will be getting a good auto deal.

7. Final Step Closing the Deal

Once you get a deal that has monthly payments that fit in your budget, you should not wait any further. You will be ready to agree to the deal. Before doing that, ask the salesperson to bring the car to you rather than you picking it up from the dealership. Before you sign the contract ensures that the figures put in match the agreed-upon deal

Another thing that is very vital in ensuring that the contract includes GAP insurance. Once everything is good, sign up the documents, then proceed and give the dealer your drive-off fees, and then ensure that you have insurance on the car. Having done all this you will have nailed the best new or used car dealership at any car dealership in the USA.


Whenever you go to buy a new or used car it is extremely important to try and find deals instead of just settling on a price.  The fact is that are many good and trustworthy dealerships out there as well as equally as many shady car dealers as well. So always do some research and always check the history of the vehicle before trying to negotiate any prices.

For more information on how to find the best car deals as well as the best dealerships in your area for buying new or used cars, trucks, or SUV’s, be sure to read the following related articles.

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